Bubs & Tots Ultimate Travel Giveaway- Over $700 in prizes to be won!

bubs & tots ultimate giveaway


Travelling with kids can be one of the most amazing experiences. Not only does it open up their world (and yours!) and brings you closer as a family, but it is also LOADS of fun. The memories that you make literally last a lifetime. We want to help you overcome the travel challenges and create more memories by getting out and exploring the world-kids in tow, with confidence. We’ve teamed up with some of our favourite brands for travelling with kids, to give away over $700 in prizes to ONE lucky winner in our Bubs and Tots Ultimate Travel Giveaway!

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Your Complete Flying With Kids Guide – Part 3: Entertainment Onboard

travel activities for kids on planes

Long haul flight (or even an epic car journey) ahead?  Sweaty palms be gone. We have some fabulous and some free Kids Travel activities and games to help keep you and your kids sane, while cooped up on a plane. I’ll run you through a few of our personal faves to keep little eyes off screens for a few hours and also give you access to our Free Printable Travel Activity Book for your next trip. That’s right- Part 3 is all about the Entertainment!

Ps: If you missed Parts 1 and 2 you can check them out here.

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Your Complete Flying With Kids Guide – Part 2: Accessories for Plane Travel.

cosy plane travel accessories

I don’t know about you, but I was in awe checking out the super clever in flight seat options from our Part 1 Flying With Kids Guide last week. If you missed it and have absolutely no idea what we are talking about, jump on over to it here. Don’t worry if you lose this page, it is linked right back to here at the end of the Part 1 blog. See you back here soon!

For everyone who checked out last weeks guide, tell us what you thought? Have you tried any of the options or which are you most impressed by?

Part 2 is finally here and sees us looking into some of the handy Plane travel accessories out there that will help make your next flight as cosy (at least for the kids) as possible.

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Your Complete Flying With Kids Guide – Part 1: Battling the seat issue.

As a parent, the thought of flying with kids can be terrifying. One never really knows how they are going to cope (or is it us?), especially if it’s their first plane trip. Even the most seasoned of little travellers can have their moments when it comes to plane travel. Heck, even us as adults can strain at the thought of being cooped up in a small cabin for several hours.

Luckily there are some innovative creatives out there who have made it their mission to make flying with kids a whole lot more bearable. And don’t worry about your hand luggage exceeding regulations, these nifty little tools come in super convenient packs too.

This is the first in our epic series to combat the travelling with kids fears once and for all. All the gadgets you need to know will be right here.
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Why Baby Wipes Should Be The First Thing You Pack

Why baby wipes should be the first thing you pack

The good old baby wipe is one of the most staple items you can have in your nursery. They are right there next to the nappies and you pretty much can’t get past day one without them. So what happens to the baby wipes after your little tot is toilet trained? Well, if you are a Mum you already know… but even you might be surprised by some of the unusual uses for baby wipes we’ve come up with.Continue Reading →

The journey or the destination – it’s all in the planning


The journey or the destination – it’s all in the planning

You’ve scoured the internet for months, looking for that perfect holiday destination, the one holiday that you can take your kids to that you will be able to enjoy as a family, and finally you’ve made a decision – you’ve booked your accommodation, some awesome tickets for entertainment and checked out the local kid friendly activities and adventures.  All the brochures promise a hassle free, kid friendly holiday with beautiful photos of happy families and smiling, content children.  Now all you have to do is get there, right?

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