Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock

Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock

Fly LegsUp Flight Hammock

We are an Australian company (mother and two daughters), who come from a family long associated with commercial airlines and which has produced six pilots and a flight attendant so far!

Having flown extensively to visit family in the UK, I found it a gruelling experience. On one particular flight I was so desperate to get my feet and legs up so I could sleep on my side, that I used a travel sewing kit to create a crude sling from a torn up pillow case.

An idea was born and many prototypes followed.

The result is a 'tool' that can be adapted to suit all age groups and allows you to raise your feet and legs into many different positions, so that flying economy is a less uncomfortable and taxing experience.

Fly LegsUp Hammock helps you make the most of your space when you fly economy. A totally new way to fly long distances more comfortably; allowing you to lift your feet and legs into many different positions, fully supported by comfy inflatable pillows.

Fly LegsUp for Adults aims to optimise comfort and sleep whilst flying in economy. The Fly LegsUp may be beneficial for people who suffer from back pain, lower limb swelling and may also help reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVTs). Or just those who like to be able to sleep with their legs curled up.

The Fly LegsUp for Kids is designed to help children sleep and play on long haul economy flights. Infants - children approximately 9 years of age can use the Fly LegsUp. When on long haul flights children tend to traditionally lie across parents laps, making it almost impossible to continue to wear a seatbelt; but with the hammock they can continue to wear their seatbelt throughout the duration of the flight. Less disturbance for a sleeping child and hopefully a more comfy and peaceful flight for parents.

Not only does The Fly LegsUp help kids and parents get comfortable and sleep more- its also great for toys, games and other trinkets to be stored in. It prevents them from constantly dropping to the ground and having to be collected by parents, while also extending the childs' play area in the sky.

The Fly LegsUp has been comprehensively tested by a CASA accredited aviation engineer. It also complies with FAA/GCAA/EASA/CASA safety regulations, allowing its use on airlines around the world.

Featured on Sunrise, Fox 5 and The Telegraph UK- Fly LegsUp makes you feel like you're flying first class, even when you're in economy.

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