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Subo Products

Subo- The Food Bottle is the brain child of Melbourne parents, Glen and Julie-Anne. Like most parents who lead busy lives, they sought after innovative products to assist in balancing time with their baby and toddler.

Looking for a better way to feed their children home made nutritious foods while on the go, they were unable to find a suitable product that didn’t create a wasteful mess. The idea for a “non-squeezable” food bottle was born. If their children couldn’t squeeze it there would be less chance for mess.

Subo Products 'non-squeezable' Food Bottle allows babies and children to eat straight from the bottle via the soft silicone spout. Great for car and plane trips, or just out and about, The Food Bottle works best with delicious homemade foods such as yoghurt, smoothies, soups, mashed foods and even soft spaghetti.

The re-usable Food Bottle is also an environmentally conscious choice, eliminating the waste and expense of single use squeeze pouches. A smile from the planet and your pocket.

Innovative and unique in design, Subo Products-The Food Bottle has been awarded three government grants from the Victorian State Government and Federal Government for innovation, proof of concept and commercialisation.

Proudly 100% Australian Owned and 100% Australian Made.

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