Your Complete Flying With Kids Guide – Part 2: Accessories for Plane Travel.

cosy plane travel accessories

I don’t know about you, but I was in awe checking out the super clever in flight seat options from our Part 1 Flying With Kids Guide last week. If you missed it and have absolutely no idea what we are talking about, jump on over to it here. Don’t worry if you lose this page, it is linked right back to here at the end of the Part 1 blog. See you back here soon!

For everyone who checked out last weeks guide, tell us what you thought? Have you tried any of the options or which are you most impressed by?

Part 2 is finally here and sees us looking into some of the handy Plane travel accessories out there that will help make your next flight as cosy (at least for the kids) as possible.

Cosy Plane Travel Accessories.

Being comfy in your seat with your legs up is one thing, but if you’re in for the long haul, you’ll need a little more. Head rests, blankets, cushions and snooze shades are all creature comforts that will make a huge difference to your kids flying enjoyment. Luckily, we’re in the know when it comes to cosy plane accessories for both the kiddies and a sneaky one for you too.

CARES Harness

Safety matters when travelling and the CARES Harness has to be first on your list if you are worried about your child in a new seat. They act in the same way as your child’s car seat harness and keep them safely restrained, while also making it easier for them to sleep in an upright position. The CARES Harness is fully approved and configures easily with airplane seats and seat belts. You can use them from the very start to end of your flight for kids 10-20kg and up to 102cm tall. You can purchase them from various outlets including Amazon or more locally at Little Gullivers.

Cozigo – Sleep On The Go

Baby sleeping in airplane bassinetSleeping, baby and airplane are all amazing words when said separately. Combine them and most parents will whimper a little at the thought. Lets face it, they are bright, noisy and there are SO many distractions that babies can get overwhelmed with. Even on a red eye flight I’m sure you have noticed the tendency to turn on the over head lights every time its meal service time or there is an announcement. Or perhaps you’ve noticed how perfectly positioned they are directly above your sleeping babies bassinet *Insert exasperated sigh here*. Now some babies nail the sleep thing, not even flinching at all that’s going on around them. I, unfortunately, did not have these babies. That’s where the Cozigo comes in. This brilliant invention has been designed to help babies keep their sleep routines while out and about. They have a universal fit and work with prams, bassinets and yes, the in-flight bassinet! Your baby will be cocooned in a ventilated tent, keeping light and distractions at bay. Now, we can’t promise that your baby will sleep the whole 6 hour flight to Bali, but we can promise that your baby will be a lot more comfortable and cosy. Best thing is that it can be used with your pram everyday as a sleep and shade cover too. Pop over and check them out here.

My Travel Tot Foldable Travel Quilts

We all know how kids love to snuggle up when they are travelling (Ok, I do too). Somehow they can just My Travel Tot travel blanketcurl up in a little ball and go to sleep. Planes can get notoriously cool while in flight, so having some soft fluffy socks and a handy blanket your little ones can cuddle up with is a must. My Travel Tot have created gorgeous, stylish bags that double or triple as a blanket, baby change mat (another plane essential!) or even a pillow. When folded the quilt also has a pocket perfect for a book or iPad so your kids can take charge of something of their own. Unfold the bag and hello lovely travel blanket. They are super lightweight weighing only 500g, so there’s no worry about space or luggage issues either. Check out all their beautiful designs here.

Bellhop Bags

Our final accessory isn’t really for your kids, but more for your peace of mind. This nifty little device won’t make your kids more comfortable but it will make your journey absolute bliss!  Bellhop Bags have created an organiser for your bag that conveniently houses all the kids (and your) travel necessities. Think of them as a filing system for your bag. A place for everything and everything in its place. Baby wipes, nappies, toys, dummies, sunglasses you name it are literally all filed away! With easy to read labels and the ability to clip or unclip each bag individually Bellhop Bags are ah-mazing both for the flight and holiday itself. See them in action right here.

Travel tip: When you embark the plane and get to your seats, make sure you get out all the kids ‘things’ , as well as your own essentials to avoid constantly being up and down trying to look in the crowded overhead lockers. 

Next up we delve into the realm of keeping your kids entertained while in the sky. Stay tuned!

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